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Super-Strain Of Gonorrhea Is Here To Freak You Out

Super-Strain Of Gonorrhea Is Here To Freak You Out

The Debrief: Drug-resistant type of the clap spreads in northern England…

Sexual health doctors have warned about a ‘very resistant strain’ of gonorrhea going around the north west of England. The disease, which causes thrush-like symptoms, such as pain while urinating and pain upon having sex but can spread to the bloodstream to cause rash, fever and pain in the joints, is normally cured with antibiotics azithromycin and ceftriaxone.

But it’s different now because, well, there’s a type that’s not going away despite medication.

Since March, 12 straight people in Leeds have been found to have this mutated gonorrhea, along with four more in Macclesfield, Oldham and Scunthorpe.

‘It doesn’t sound like an awful lot of people, but the implication is there’s a lot more of this strain out there and we need to stamp it out as quickly as possible,’ Peter Greenhouse, a consultant in sexual health told the BBC.

If this strain becomes predominant, British people are ‘in big trouble’ and there’s going to have to be huge efforts put in to tracing anyone who’s infected and treating them however they can.

Last year, 35,000 cases of ‘normal’ gonorrhea were reported in England. Oh, and in case you don’t think people shagging each other really catches on, the Sex Degrees of Separation calculator, courtesy of Lloyds Pharmacy, will show you that, well, we’ve all shagged each other really, haven’t we?

The solution: get tested, wear condoms, and if stuff’s itching, go to the doctor! Hopefully this strain of gonorrhea will soon be, um… a goner.

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