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Sick Of Your Monday Commute, But Loved 50 Shades? We've Got Just The Thing For You...

The Debrief: New erotic e-book Blue Mondays is available to download, a chapter at a time, every Sunday at midnight

If you’re getting sick of your dreary Monday commute, and Fifty Shades Of Grey didn't make you want to poke your own eye out with a (phallic) stick, then erotic e-book Blue Mondays is right up your street.

The novel is going to be available to download, a chapter at a time, from midnight each Sunday (the first one become downloadable yesterday), and each chapter is about 10,000 words long (which the publishers calculate should last for the length of the average daily commute). Basically, it's commuter-friendly lady porn, with the added anticipation of a seven-day wait for each download.  

As author Emily Dubberley told The Debrief, she wanted to create something that merged the fantasy of your average erotic novel with the reality of daily life. ‘Our protagonist Lucy has got her flaws and her anxieties, but she’s certainly not an ingénue. The book starts with her on her commute one Monday morning, and she’s having a pretty rubbish day of it. Then she meets a stranger on the tube, they get talking and he makes her a proposition.’

The book is almost written in real time, and Dubberley, who founded erotica website Cliterati, wanted it to feel as realistic as possible. ‘I deliberately made every single date they went on affordable to the reader, and I had to re-write one chapter, where the couple go on a train journey, to reflect the fact that some train lines were closed after the storm damage!’

And as anyone who’s ever stood in a crowded tube carriage, surrounded by 11 dog-earred copies of Fifty Shades Darker will know, the e-book format (ie YOU READ IT ON A KINDLE) definitely lends itself to erotica.

Dubberley’s confident the novel, which features a sex scene in every chapter, will achieve the desired results. ‘It’s hard to be grumpy and horny at the same time. It’s about escaping into a fantasy – but one that’s achievable – and starting the week with a smile on your face.’

Blue Mondays costs 99p per chapter and is available to download on Kindle here. The full book will be published in paperback by Hodder & Stoughton in the autumn.

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