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Sex Toys For Under £10

Sex Toys For Under £10

The Debrief: Pay day might be a million miles away, but who cares when you can still get a black leather ball gag for under a tenner?

It's spring! Hooray! You get to spend all your money on brightly-coloured things and overly complicated picnic food (I'm looking at you, cheese boards). But while you're busy throwing all your wages at the one pub you've found with a decent beer garden, that means you've got less money to spend on the other things, like sex toys. Don't worry, we've got you covered, with a whole bunch of sex toys you can buy for less than a tenner.


1. Silicone butt plug

Sex Toys For Under £10

It's tough to find a decent butt plug for less than a tenner – lots of the offerings are made of that sticky/melty jelly stuff which is about as sexy between the sheets as a wet bandage. But we've found this Loving Joy Demi Silicone butt plug for just under £10. What's more it's a 'slim' rather than 'oh God wow I'm not sure my arse can take it' size, so perfect for beginner's anal play, or to warm up before you get into some vigorous bumming. 

Cost: £9.95, but RRP £12 so grab it quick if you want it for less than a tenner.

Get it if: you want a decent, usable staple in your bedside drawer. Or if you want to try DP. 


2. Black leather ball gag

Sex Toys For Under £10

It's not hard to find a cheap ball gag, but it is hard to find one that's robust enough to put up with the kind of rough sex that I imagine you're into if you want to buy a ball gag. This one, from Bondara, is made of black leather and has a vented ball. That means there are gaps in the ball for you to breathe through, so you don't end up accidentally passing out halfway through the best sex you've ever had.

 Cost: £9.99

Get it if: you suck at dirty talk and want an excuse to opt out.  


3. Liquid silk lube

Sex Toys For Under £10

I'm always sceptical of putting lube in the 'sex toy' category, but I'm going to simply because if you don't have any then some of the other recommended toys aren't going to get very far (especially if they're going up your arse). Liquid silk is a great lube, because it feels smooth and silky and you don't need a huge amount of it to do what you need. This version is water-based too so it's safe to use with silicone sex toys. 

 Cost: £9.99

Get it if: you like anal. Or vaginal. Or giving hand jobs. Or getting hand jobs. Lube is the swiss army knife of the sex kingdom.


4. Open faced masturbator

Sex Toys For Under £10

 Masturbators are, in my opinion, the Next Big Thing in sex toys. They've been around for years but they're not going to explode in popularity until women start stocking them in their bedside drawers ready to give male partners amped-up hand jobs. Although most strokers are closed – like tubes you place over the penis - this one has the benefit that it's 'one size fits all' because you wrap it around and can make it as tight or as loose as you like, or even use it – as one reviewer has – for an all over massage of the entire area. Compared to other masturbators, this one means more effort from you in terms of grip, but it has more potential for edging and teasing.

 Cost: £9.99

Get it if: you want to give someone an amazing penis massage but you want to avoid the 'what if it doesn't fit?' dilemma. If that is even a dilemma.


5. Stud ring - adjustable cock ring

Sex Toys For Under £10

Because each cock is a unique and beautiful snowflake, if you've got more than one be-dicked partner, you're probably going to want something that allows a bit of flexibility. What's more, an adjustable cock ring such as this one allows for a bit of experimentation – around the bottom of the shaft, around the shaft and balls, just around the balls – you decide. Cock rings are like scarves, basically, there are loads of different ways to wear them. 

 Cost: £3.49

Get it if: you want to play jazz with your cock-bondage. And who wouldn't?


6. Watenberg pinwheel

Sex Toys For Under £10

 It wouldn't be a proper sex toy list if I didn't include something weird for the sake of it, so here goes: the sex toy that I own which has prompted the most 'WTF's from intrigued partners. The Wartenberg Pinwheel is a tool that you can use for either pain or pleasure – by trailing the wheel across your partner's skin you give them delicious shivery sensations. Press harder and they squirm. It's an excellent intro to sensation play, and it has the added bonus that it'll make all your other sex toys look totally normal by comparison. 

 Cost: £9.95

Get it if: you like sensation play, or you just want to scare the shit out of flatmates who might come snooping in your toy drawer.


7. Mini G-spot vibrator

Sex Toys For Under £10

Normally I'd tell you to avoid cheap vibrators at all costs, but this mini G-spot vibe from Lovehoney comes with good reviews, and is more powerful than you'd expect of something that costs £5.99 full price. It's on a deal at the moment, so at time of writing you can pick one up for £2.50, so even if you don't like it, you can bury it in the garden to confuse future archaeologists, and you still won't be much out of pocket. 

Cost: £2.50 (or £5.99 depending on when you're reading) 

Get it if: you prefer G-spot stimulation to clitoral, and you're as tight as Scrooge before the ghosts came to visit.

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