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Apparently This Is Where We All Like To Have Sex Outside Of The Bedroom

Apparently This Is Where We All Like To Have Sex Outside Of The Bedroom

The Debrief: Thoughts?

Where are you most likely to have sex? We’re going to take a wild wild guess here and say it’s most likely in your bed, your partner's bed, or a bed you’re not quite so familiar with. Right? Most of us are partial to bed sex, it’s easy and more often than not it’s where you gravitate before when you’re about to have sex – or it’s where you are when the act is initiated. 

According to new research conducted by Lovehoney, there’s a couple of other places we all like to have sex, though. A massive 92% of couples enjoy sex in the shower, and right after that with 89%, is the bath. I’m gonna stop you right there. How on earth are people managing to have sex in the bath? The shower is hard enough, but what with the slippery surfaces, the water, the fact most baths are not large enough to fit one person, let alone two, how are we managing this? And enjoying it?! Or is that just us?

The study goes onto say that 65% of couples enjoy sofa sex, this one we can get on board with. And 58% love to do it in the garden…we won’t comment on that one, but It’s definitely more practical than the shower or bath. Unless you have neighbours, obviously.

Over 1, 000 people were asked about where they enjoy having sex outside of the bedroom, so while we may not personally find shower sex the most enjoyable, it must be pretty accurate. *Googles how to have sex in the shower without falling and hurting oneself*

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