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New Sex Toy SmartBod Measures And Ranks Your Orgasms. Yep.

New Sex Toy SmartBod Measures And Ranks Your Orgasms. Yep.

The Debrief: Finally, a sex toy where you and your mates can compete over orgasms! Sounds great.

Ever wanted to see how your orgasms rate against others? Well the new Smartbod measures your arousal and then sends feedback to you via an app linked to your phone, letting you know what moves work best and how you can get better orgasms. Sort of like having someone standing next to you saying 'Good lord stop doing that because it never works' except it's a robot and it waits until you've finished in order to give you passive aggressive data-oriented advice. Despite this, we're obviously desperate to try it out because, y'know, it's always nice to get feedback. 

'Like many women, I had a lot of anxieties and questions around sexuality and no one to talk about it with,' Klinger told Mic. 'This inspired me to make a better vibrator that can make the journey of learning about your own body less frustrating, lonely and difficult.' The loneliness part, by the way, partly refers to the fact that you can feed your data into a leaderboard and see how your orgasm ranks against other people. It states on its blurb: 'We make learning about your arousal and orgasm less like fumbling alone in the dark and more like discussing your Fitbit’s step count with friends.' 

Oh cool so you can now annoy those people who post updates about their running on Facebook, by responding with how many times you made yourself come last night. One downside is that, while it's supposed to help normalise our orgasms and stop us all worrying that everyone else is doing it better, do we really want to know how great your mate's coming technique is? What if your mum decides to get one?! Most importantly, what if you find out you're shit at orgasms????? 

Serious questions that can only be answered if one brave Debriefer tries it out. Watch this space.

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