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This Vibrating Alarm Clock Promises To Give You A Wake-Up Orgasm. Really.

This Vibrating Alarm Clock Promises To Give You A Wake-Up Orgasm. Really.

The Debrief: 7am starts might be bearable after all...

A horrifying truth: mornings are going to start getting colder and darker again. If you’re someone for whom hell will be filled with the shrill shrieking of alarm clocks, you’re in luck. 

Introducing the ‘Little Rooster’, the weird but potentially genius new alarm clock that promises to ‘wake you up with an orgasm’. Yes, really. 

Basically you set the alarm clock and then put it inside your knickers. According to the website, ‘most find they need to wear panties’, so unlucky, naked sleepers. 

In the morning it begins to vibrate to wake you up, with the speed automatically increasing after five minutes. This thing can get pretty powerful too by the sounds of it, with 27 settings to choose from. It also includes a ‘snooze’ feature (…) and a travel lock to avoid any embarrassment at customs.

The Little Rooster is currently sold out worldwide (shock), but costs £69.99 normally, so you’d hope it would work. 

All well and good, but things take a slightly creepy turn when you find out that the inventor - Tony Maggs - tried (and failed) to raise funding for his idea the ‘Dream Rooster’: a device which vibrates while you sleep to give you erotic dreams. Right. After the campaign failed, Tony wrote on his Indiegogo campaign page: ‘I still want to live in a world where Dream Rooster exists.’ I can’t work out if I agree. 

A ‘Rooster for Men’ is currently under development as well, so let your imagination run riot on that one. 

Watch this space. 

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