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Japan Needs To Up It\'s Sex Game Or Experts Warn Its Population Will Become Extinct

Japan Needs To Up It's Sex Game Or Experts Warn Its Population Will Become Extinct


Fuckssake Japan.

The country, despite being world leaders in many areas, are failing spectacularly in one very important one - sex.

Apparently, the country are so bad at having sex that their population has been dropping for years and could even become extinct in 1,750 years.

This year, for the first time since records began, Japan's birthrate is set to fall below a million to 981,000 - a 25% drop from last year. To counter that, 1.3 million people have died this past year meaning there's deficit of nearly 320,000 people.

Experts blame a poor work/life balance. Overworking in Japan is estimated to kill 'thousands' of people every year. The Japanese government has taken steps to change this - flexible working hours and mandated holiday time were introduced earlier this year.

Technological advances too could be harmful. This week a new product called Gatebox came on the market aimed at single men. It's essentially a holographic 'wife' who lives in a little box and acts like a submissive partner sending 'supportive texts' and who will 'always try her best to server my husband'.


Either way, c'mon Japan. Get shagging.

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