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Here\'s What The People That Have STI\'s Supposedly Look Like

Here's What The People That Have STI's Supposedly Look Like

The Debrief: 18 with brown hair and you hang out in pubs? Riddled mate. RIDDLED.

Here's a head scratcher for you; if men have STDs than girls then how come the ones that do have had less sexual partners than the girls?

These are the confusing results of a new study out today done by online pharmacy, UKMedix. They interviewed 2,350 Britons between the ages of 18 and 30 about their attitude to sexual health and it turned out that 53% of the male respondents had contracted an STI while 45% of female respondents had. Despite this, women had taken, on average, four STI tests during the last five years, while men had only taken two. Except for one guy, who'd taken over 50. Which is gross, but in a very responsible way. Nice work hyper-sexual guy.

Anyways, the bit that got us was that they then built a profile for each sex on what the average STI carrying guy and gal look like. If you're a chlamydia (or herpes or syphillis) carrying chap then you're likely to be 24 years old, weigh 13 stone, be six foot, have brown hair, hang out at the gym and only have had sex with one or two girls. Sound like every guy you've ever met? Yep, us too.

In contrast if you're a girl with an STI you're likely to be 18 years old, weigh 11 stone, four pounds, be five foot seven, have brown hair, hang out in pubs, bars and nightclubs and be (their words) 'VERY sexually active' which is apparently described as having 5+ partners. Sex with over five men before marriage? Shocking stuff ladies. Reel it in.

Anyways, how does this work? How does the average STI carrying chap catch an STI if his partner count is relatively low? The only thing we can think of is all the pub-going 18 year old girls (WITH brown hair) who are enticing these poor chaste gym-dwelling boys into having sex with them after they've already had sex with many, many partners. As a result, these poor boys are basically the sitting ducks of the STI world.

In reality, the girls with STIs are younger and therefore probably less experienced when it comes to using protection. The guys, having had less partners and probably more experience, have less of an excuse.

Thomas O'Connell, a head honcho at UKMedix said 'We were shocked to see that so many women and men have contracted STIs, let alone how many people they continue to sleep with while they have one! This shows that many of us still don’t take the risks seriously enough. We need to wisen up – and fast! It’s good that the average single men and women are getting tested, but clearly there’s a need for Britons to take better care of themselves.'

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