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Forget Serial, Here Are The Best Erotic Podcasts Out Right Now...

The Debrief: Now Serial is over, we need some new podcasts in our lives...

Porn podcasts are are a thing, but are you surprised? Podcasts are a big deal right now. Ever since Serial aired late last year, we are All. Obsessed. With. Podcasts. (And if you don’t know what Serial is, literally what have you been doing with your life apart from being productive and not spending most of your time addicted to a podcast?). I know it's become a bone fide obsession because I've started to develop what can only be described as intense anxiety every time I leave the house before realising that This American Life has dropped and I can’t download it until I get to work. The struggle is real. 

Unsurprisingly then, the world of podcasts is blimmin’ huge and there’s pretty much a podcast for everything and everyone which, of course, includes porn podcasts, adult podcasts and erotic podcasts. From candid advice to erotic stories to kink for beginners, here’s the best sex podcasts you should be downloading for you phones, ASAP.

Erotic Podcasts and porn podcasts: 5 of the best 

1. The Empowering One

Each week, in Guys We Fucked Corinne Fisher & Krystyna Hutchinson (known as the comedy duo Sorry About Last Night) interview a guy they've slept with, which sounds like a living nightmare, doesn't it? Situations vary; from the guy they 'made love' to , to the one they fucked in a hotel bathroom, these ladies have some awesome stories to tell. Together they're making the world a more sex-positive candid shagging story at a time. I picked one to listen to at random and they’d already spoken about yeast infections and not wanting to 'bang' right now, during the first minute and a half. In another episode they mention how they ‘want to slay dick the way Hank Moody slays pussy.’ Awesome. Sticking a middle finger up at societal ‘standards’ they’re passionate about the fact that girls can shag whoever and whenever and however they want, just like men. Girl fucking power. 

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2. The Ones That’ll Actually Help Your Sex Life

Sex Nerd Sandra is hosted by sex educator Sandra Daugherty who believes in the importance of people getting, put simply, a good shag. Similarly, Sex With Emily offers sex and relationships tips from ‘sex expert’ Dr Emily Morse. From golden showers and the psychology of casual sex to the best oral sex tips you’ve never heard of, if there’s a topic related to sex that these podcasts haven't talked about, it’s probably not worth knowing. Sex Out Loud is another good'un. In it Tristan Taormino explores sex from ‘every angle’ (pardon the pun) to create open-minded and informative shows on loads of different subjects, particularly those more ‘taboo’ ones. Taormino is a sex-positive feminist and, in her own words, ‘prioritises female pleasure and orgasm’ which I can totally get on board with (FYI, this one could totally have gone in the empowering section too).

3. The Straight Up One

The Kinsey Confidential podcast is created by The Kinsey Insitute at Indiana University which is dedicated to sexual research. These are no frills, snappy, frank answers to questions that many people are too embarrassed to ask or probably even google.

4. The Ones That Will Help You Get Yourself Off

If you’re bored of your porn playlist and your fave erotic website just isn’t delivering tonight, these podcasts might help, just as long as you can get past the cheesey American accents. The Kiss Me Quick’s: Erotic Sex Stories by Rose Caraway does the job and tends to be made up of extracts from erotic novels but they range in length - from nine minutes to two hours – so there’s something for everyone. She’s known as ‘The Sexy Librarian’ for her commitment to finding her listeners their dose of quality audio erotica. Hot Sexy Stories does what it says on the tin as long as the over the top voice doesn’t spoil it for you. These are super short, ranging from three to six minute – perfect if you’re trying to fit in a danger-wank

5. The Kink podcast

Every episode The People Of Kink tells the story of a person's experience and journey into BDSM which, even if you’re not feeling the whole fetish thing, makes for really interesting listening. If you are thinking of dabbling in the dark side, give Practically Kinky a go. It outlines how to introduce all the different types of BDSM into your life. Think of this as your kink audio Bible.

6. The Porn Podcast

Ok, sort of. The Playboy Podcast invite you to 'bare your soul as well as your breasts,' so erm you have been warned. It's also 'that conversation you have in your head, that gets said out loud,' and is presented by Playboy Magazine’s Editorial Director Jimmy Jellinek. 

7. The No-Holds-Barred podcast

Covering some of the darker fantasies and kinks that other sex podcasts shy away from, Kink Craft comes recommended from our very own sex columnist Girl On The Net. 

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