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Five Of The Best Sites To Meet Older Guys On

The Debrief: If you like men with career confidence, sexual prowess and sartorial know-how then read on...

Ah, the appeal of the older man. They smell like toffee and tobacco, always have an emergency stash of Calpol to hand, and can carve up a roast chicken with freakishly impressive dexterity. Okay, so I’m talking about my granddad (RIP, Pops). Truth is, when it comes to getting horizontal with a senior, give me the unripe, fleshy rump of a younger man any day. But it appears I’m in the minority. Suki and Bradley, Blake and Ryan, Charlize and Sean: we seemingly can’t get enough of older guys and their worldly ways. Career confidence, sexual prowess, sartorial know-how: older men seem to have their shit figured out, and this pleases us. So for those of you single ladies on the hunt for a mature male, we’ve rounded up the best dating apps on the market.

Plenty of Fish 


PoF has been hooking us up since 2003. With the average member aged 44 and over 3 million active daily users, it’s a great place to start your search for senior sexy times. A note of caution: free dating sites have the potential to attract strange men with bizarre sexual proclivities. One friend has been on a series of nightmare dates through Plenty of Fish. On one occasion, the guy sent some seriously hardcore porn to her work email. She’s a teacher. Yup, that was an interesting discussion with the headmistress. 

£74.99 for six months

The grandaddy (see what I did there?) of internet dating, is serious about the business of bringing people together, claiming to be responsible for more marriages than any other dating site. It has nearly 1.8 million subscribers and arranges regular meet and greet events worldwide. The average male user is an irons-his-boxers (as opposed to involuntarily-wets-his-boxers) aged 35 to 44, so if you’re looking to make a serious commitment with a Gen Y- or X-er, this is the app for you.

Encounters Dating 

£144 for 12 months 

Are you a Times reader? Does a cryptic crossword and the smell of freshly roasted Kenyan coffee beans give you a massive lady boner? If so, love beckons! Run by the aforementioned broadsheet, Encounters Dating attracts educated, discerning professionals south of 40. It’s free to join and look around, but to engage in sweet intellectual foreplay with other members, you’ll have to subscribe.

Elite Singles 

£239.40 for 12 months

This dating site ain’t cheap, but when you’re a member of the elite, who’s counting the pennies? Targeted at ‘predominantly affluent’ 30-55 year-olds, and available in over 20 countries, it matches couples according to personality, profession and education. The website also has useful tips for dating in various cities across the UK. In the London section, for example, men are advised that 60% of women prefer a coffee date, so ‘head to Australian cafe Lanata for a flat white’. Bummer if you’re a tea drinker or anti-Antipodean. You’ve just lost out on everlasting happiness. 

From $9.99 a month (this is a US-based site but operates in UK cities, too)

This is where to go to ‘interact with the most attractive, wealthy and desirable people in online dating!’ A high-quality dating site for successful men, who have financial security, and attractive single women!’ Note the absence of ‘single’ when it comes to the men – a friend of a friend gave Sugardaddie a whirl and both her dates were married. Still, if it’s fun times and presents you’re after, and you don’t mind suppressing every feminist impulse in your body, you could be on to a winner.

There you go, peeps. Five dating apps to help you bag a penis in its prime. You’re welcome.

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