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A Potted History Of The World In Erotica

The Debrief: Featuring the first ever three way (maybe) and the first ever celebrity sex tape...

People have been talking about sex and creating nudie pictures since time immemorial. So we’re told. Obviously we weren’t there, and asking our grandparents about sex is bad enough, let alone digging around Neolithic man’s wanking material.

From all those homoerotic Greek carvings to the Karma freaking Sutra, us kids with out porn gifs and naked selfies certainly didn’t invent the stuff. Interestingly, early explicit materials often had a political slant to them - even the Marquis de Sade’s writings were viewed as part philosophical musings (on that note, can you imagine if Nigel Farage attempted to put a ‘sexual slant’ on his campaign material for the next General Election? No, we don’t want to think about that either). 

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the filthy things people have written, done and drawn over the years, merely a few…edited highlights.

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