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10 Girls Share Their One-Night Stand Rules

10 Girls Share Their One-Night Stand Rules

The Debrief: Including the girl who has to play white noise in the background while she's having sex...

Everyone's shagging around, but what do other people actually do on a one night stand? Are you the only one who demands they stay and have an egg the morning afterwards (no)? Are you the only one more liable to fake it when you don't know the guy or girl you're furiously bonking in the wee small hours, never to see them again? 

We spoke to ten different girls who each had ten very different ONS rules to prove that when it comes to flippant sex, there really aren't any rules. Unless you steal from or kill the person you're shagging, in which case, that's probably breaking a some rules. 

The girl who demands they eat an egg

'The morning after I've had sex with a randomer, if they're at mine I make them eggs and we have breakfast together. If they say they don't want an egg, I get really fucked off and throw them out. You've been inside me, at least take a token egg for fuck's sake.' 

The girl who pretends they're going out

'Not in a sad way, because I'm happy being single - but is it alright to pretend for twelve hours or however long they're there for that you're properly into them even if you might not be? I cuddle a lot and make them coffee and then when they've gone, they're gone. Yeah it gets me into trouble actually.' 

The girl who fakes it 

'I can't really come with someone I'm not really into and who doesn't know my body, so I tend to fake it or finger myself to make myself come on a one night stand. I have a lot of one night stands, but it's not all about the coming, it's just fun to fuck someone sometimes.' 

The girl who only does blow jobs 

'Blow jobs are the main event for me - I don't really come unless it's through oral so after having sex for a bit, I give them the blow job of their life, stop just before they're about to come, demand they make me come by going down on me, and then finish them off after I've come. Taken me years to figure that tactic out.' 

The girl who laughs

'When I'm nervous I laugh and make stupid jokes. It either makes them laugh or they get a bit annoyed. I literally can't stop though.' 

The girl who does it with the lights off 

'Lights never on, never. I feel really self conscious because I've put on a bit of weight, also if I haven't got a nice bra on or something it'll automatically mean I get laid. One time he insisted the lights be on and I burst into tears and left his flat at 2am after trying to fuck him. Real cool.' 

The girl who runs home to shave 

'I can never figure out the whole 'have a bikini wax once a month' thing because I've got stuff to do in my life. Like, have fun. Which means that I have to run home to shave whenever I get into a one night stand situation. Or take him back to mine and shave. Or shave using his razor in the bathroom (I've done this more than I'd like to admit).'

The girl who needs white noise on in the background 

'I put on rain music or babbling brook noises in the background when I have sex with someone new or a one night stand. Yeah they give me funny looks for about a second, but it's better than listening to some lame cheesy music or hearing the sound of their balls slapping.' 

The girl who doesn't do sober one night stands

'Never had a one night stand when I haven't been totally blind drunk or high. I hope this isn't as abnormal as it sounds.' 

The girl who leaves straight after

'My friends talk about the morning after - I don't know why the hell they stay. I leave immediately after sex, get an uber or organise my way home somehow. Who wants to wake up the next day with someone you don't want to see again once that sex spell has been broken?! Er no thanks. Makes me cringe thinking about it.' 

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