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1 in 10 Of Us Don\'t Think One-Night Stands Count As Cheating

1 in 10 Of Us Don't Think One-Night Stands Count As Cheating

The Debrief: So on the spectrum between liking someone's Facebook status and a full-blown shag, what *does* count as cheating?

Cheating in a relationship we can all agree is a big fat no-no. No ifs, no buts, just don’t do it, yeah? But what actually constitutes cheating? The whole cheating spectrum ranges from giving Suzie from marketing the ‘eye’ to having a whole other family with kids, a mortgage and a joint bank account. At what point in the middle, can you say, ‘Ok, you have now actually crossed the line, get to fuck, bu-bye!’? 

A new survey has revealed that one tenths of the UK believe that one-night stands don’t count as cheating. You can not make this shit up. Your boyfriend going back to someone else’s flat, enjoying a lustful session of boning then going back to you like he popped out to buy some carrots is apparently very fine to some people.

The study also highlighted that more people believe that your partner sending private messages on Facebook to someone of the opposite sex is a far greater betrayal then them actually snogging them IRL. 

72% of people said that dirty-dancing wasn’t cheating, 29% said it was okay for their partner to be on a dating app and 8% said it didn’t count as cheating if their significant other shagged someone abroad. What happens in Santorini stays in Santorini?  

From the same group of people, a third of people said that masturbation/the use of sex toys was cheating(?!) 67% of people agreed that their partner going to a strip show was cheating and apparently 27% felt that publically liking someone’s Facebook status - constitutes as cheating.  

The study was conducted by, who polled a total of 2,182 UK adults ages between 18-40 years old. Each participant stated that they were in a committed relationship of at least 6 months  

David Moore, Spokesperson for said:

'Cheating can be a very difficult topic of conversation to have with your loved one. Everyone is different and all couples have different boundaries; what is acceptable for one person is a breach of trust to another. While some things are more black and white than others, we were very surprised by the variances in the results of this survey. I guess that what we can take from this is, if you want to explore your options, check with your partner first – they might just be ok with it!'

Maybe now is probably a good time to check that your honey pie is on the same page as you… 

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