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The Things People Wish They\\\'d Told Their Younger Selves About Relationships

The Things People Wish They'd Told Their Younger Selves About Relationships

The Debrief: Going through a hard time? Here's some of the best advice you can possibly get

What sort of thing would you tell your younger self about relationships? Maybe, oh you know, that that Greek waiter doesn't actually love you just the way you are or, you know, engaging in some funny business on school property will get you suspended. Either way, hindsight is a fine thing, isn't it?

That's why we got so addicted to this Reddit thread today. User Anonfx asked the community: ‘What relationship advice do you wish you could give to your younger self?’ They had a lot to say on the subject and, TBH, a lot of it hit home.

Here’s some of the best answers...

This guy who nailed it in one

‘To let go when you know you are not happy.’

This person who totally gets it

‘It’s not your job to prevent your SO from cheating you. If they want to, it will happen no matter how you control them. If it happens, just decide to break up or not, and move on with your life.’

This person who’s probably knee-deep in baby vomit right now

‘Use the condom, Dumbass!’

This person who’s bang on the money

‘Just because he’s your first love doesn’t mean he’s your only love.’

This person who’s almost certainly right

‘Someone liking you isn’t reason enough to go out with them.’

This person who knows you’re the secret to your own happiness

‘Pinning your happiness on one person will kill you.’

This person who sounds like they’ve learned the hard way

‘Do not stay with someone just because it’s easy, and have the courage to end it if it isn’t what you want.’

This person who is not a giant hand

‘You’re not their masturbatory aid.’

This person who’s got no time for round two

‘Don’t give that relationship a second try. No, you are not the exception. No, you won’t really change. Stop.’

This person who knows the merit of sorting their life out before getting involved

‘Don’t get into a relationship if you’re in love with someone else. It never ends well. Ever.’

This person who has definitely watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona

‘Don’t mistake bullshit drama for passion.’

This person who has seen it from the other side

‘Don’t promise something that you know you won’t be able to fulfill. And appreciate the difference between having a crush and falling in love.’

This person who said what we’re all thinking

‘Don’t go to college in a long-distance relationship.’

This person who has a simple but effective outlook

‘If you spend more of your time arguing and being upset than you are happy together, it’s time to walk away.’

This person who may or may not be Chris Brown

‘Don’t fuck up on February 17, 2013.’

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