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This App Will Tell You If You Should Break Up With Your Partner

This App Will Tell You If You Should Break Up With Your Partner

The Debrief: Are we curious? Sure. Sceptical? Definitely.

Do you remember playing that game when you were younger where you’d find out how compatible you were with your latest love? Using the complex science of a pen, paper, the alphabet and some counting you’d suddenly have your future mapped out in front of you: your compatability, how many kids you’d have and where you’d live. Life was good, or bad, based on nothing at all.  

App StayGo is basically the modern day version of this. They describe themselves as the first app to combine ‘social feedback with scientific methods to evaluate romantic relationships with stunning accuracy’ and developed by a team of psychologists and scientists. When you download the app you're invited to take part in a very long-winded survey that's designed to evaluate every aspect of your relationship before being given a score out of 100 that will represent how solid your union is.

You can even invite friends and family to comment on your relationship and other random users of the app even vote on whether you’re going to live happily ever after. Which is quite weird. 

Another function of the app is that it lets you monitor your overall happiness in the relationship by asking you three questions everyday, which is then put into a graph so you can see how it fluctuates.

Whilst it does sound quite interesting, it's probably worth thinking about your reasons for trying it out, if it's not just out of sheer curiosity. It's important to remember too that it's an app, which can't replace actual communication and real-life thoughts because it's entirely objective and the way we answer an app survey might not reflect real life. The flip side is that it could provide some valuable insight to your relationship that perhaps you hadn't been aware of. Just be sure to give it some thought before you break-up with your partner because an app told you to.

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