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So Social Media Break-Up Consultants Are A Thing Now

So Social Media Break-Up Consultants Are A Thing Now

The Debrief: Can't be arsed to de-tag yourself in photos? This woman will do it for you

It still baffles non-millenials that actual jobs like being an ‘influencer’ a ‘social media guru’ or ‘digital prophet’ exist. So imagine their faces upon reading about this niche new job: ‘Social Media Break-Up Co-ordinator’. 

Caroline Sinders, who spends her days unfriending and unfollowing your ex on social media so you don’t have to, has given an interview to The Daily Dot where she explains why there’s a need for her role in the modern world. 

‘It’s a manual labour you have to do, and when you’re in a high-stress or highly emotional place, it’s another frustrating thing – it’s a mechanism that adds to the frustration of living,’ she revealed, adding: ‘Once you start to get to know someone and that relationship sours, it’s still really hard to mute someone that you know is being mean to you or won’t talk to you, or broke up with you, or you hurt them. That doesn’t feel good for most people.’ 

Sinder provides ‘actionable sugestions and solutions’ to help people eradicate exes from their life, and clean up their own profile to make it ex-free. That means unfriending, erasing contacts, deleting pics from a phone and to craft emails to send to ‘over-sharing co-workers’. 

One thing worth noting is that Sinders is a freelance photographer with a background in computers, and her new role is actually part of a project that ‘satirises’ the way we can ‘outsource’ tasks, although, she’s still ‘providing a very real service’. 

But I wonder whether this would actually take off as a job, seeing as Facebook is planning to launch its own break-up service?

Also, come on guys, I know break-ups are shit, but my mantra is that dealing with the horrid de-tagging and social media admin that is now crazily part of modern life is just a (horrid) stage you need to go through when breaking up with someone.

Otherwise, you’ve never really dealt with it at all. 

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