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Harry Potter enagagement rings

Harry Potter Engagement Rings Exist And Now We Want To Get Married

The Debrief: Maybe Gigi turned down Zayn's proposal because he didn't have a golden snitch ring?

Christmas is the time of engagements. Give it two days and Instagram will be full of ‘boy done good’ engagement ring pictures complete with that staple Tiffany blue box and a sparkly sparkly gem. But this year we don’t want a standard ring (not that Tiffany is standard, it’s very very nice soz) no no, we want a bloody golden snitch ring. 

This is all hypothetical of course, we’re not getting engaged because we’re still mere babies (26 is a baby YES) but hear us out. An Australian-based jewellery shop has launched a range of Harry Potter inspired engagement rings. A golden snitch ring and a Deathly Hallows ring to be precise. 

Created by Sapphire Studios in Melbourne, they bloody magical. Mr Golden Snitch ring features a casual 1.40 carat diamond, and actually isn’t that spenny. Your fella can get his hands on it from prices starting at £291. Sold. 

Perhaps this is the reason Gigi supposedly turned down Zayn Malik’s proposal? Did he turn up to her door, get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage with a Golden Snitch ring? We think not, Gigi wouldn’t have been able to turn down that would she? Who would be able to turn down that? I don’t plan on getting married until i’m at least 32 and if someone turned up with a Harry Potter ring I would most definitely reconsider. 

We thank you Sapphire Studios for bringing these into our lives just in time for Christmas. 

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