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You Can Now Live In A Penis. Yes, Seriously.

You Can Now Live In A Penis. Yes, Seriously.

The Debrief: It's swish, it's pricey, and it also looks like a big dong.

Super-influential Australian interior designer Stan Symonds has created a luxury home in Sydney with a floor plan that looks exactly like a big wang. Yes, for the mere price of $1.1million, you can tell people you live in a large penis thats been there since the 1950s but has now been redone to look all modern and swish. 


With the master bedroom sitting, obviously, in the bellend region (for want of a better word), the bedrooms then going down the shaft culminating in the bathroom right at the base where the balls start. And talking of balls, they’re made up by a circular living room and kitchen. Just think, you could wake up every day and make your breakfast in a big bollock. Very few people can say that these days (not even sure what that implies, to be honest). 

Estate agents LJ Hooker Mona Vale are selling the property, and one of the employees there told Mashable: ‘He is a very bright fellow, so I imagine he probably does know it is shaped the way it is. [The current owners] think it is a bit tongue in cheek.’ 


But it hasn’t just been done for the penis shape, it also works really well as a home.

‘To have a house where the kitchen has a view of the swimming pool and for the outdoor and indoor entertaining areas to flow off the kitchen is a premium thing to have in a property; this house has been designed with that in mind. It is a very liveable floor plan, although a bit odd, and the fact it has all the original carpentry shows it is a very liveable design, as people haven’t gone messing with it.’ 

Yes, and it also looks like a penis. Which is the main selling point. 

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