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Woman has never farted in front of husband

Woman Wins A Competition To Become 'The People's Legend' Because She's Never Farted In Front Of Her Husband

The Debrief: Not once, in five long years

Meet Marissa Goodsell and her husband, Stewart Reed from Brisbane Austrailia, and they've been together for five years. 

Another fun fact is that Marissa has never ever farted in front of Stewart. Radio duo Hamish Black and Andy Lee (AKA 'Hamish & Andy') launched a competition to find 'The People's Legend' and asked for nomimations from their listeners. 

Low and behold, Stewart decides to nominate Marissa, seemingly because she's never farted in front of him. Spoiler: she won

The whole women/poo/fart thing is frustrating. The fact that this is news enough to win her an real actual competition; are we really that suprised that she never has? A quick poll of the office shows that most of us haven't farted in front of our signifcant others; not on purpose anyway. In an ideal world, all women would feel that they could poo and fart to their hearts content, but that doesn't seem to be the case just yet. There's also something slightly conflicting about the idea of her being rewarded for not farting: doesn't that mean that the idea that women shouldn't fart is being perpetuated? 

Speaking to NT News, Stewart said that 'I think it was a year or two into the relationship when I realised I had never heard her fart.'

On her lack of farting, Marissa said 'I don’t know why I don’t do it, I don’t even think it’s a big deal. I’m just used to not doing it but Stewart farts all the time. We are really open with everything else but I don’t just don’t fart in front of him, I don’t know why, I just don’t like doing it.' Fair enough.

The competition prize was a ski run at Mount Buller, Victoria, named after the winner. According to the Daily Mail, Marissa won the competition with a landslide 44% of the vote which means, that's right people, there is now a ski run there called 'Windless Marissa' (actually quite catchy). Marissa and Stewart even flew there to cut the ribbon on the run. 

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