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Woman Stops Abortion Protest By Yelling \'YEAST INFECTIONS\'

Woman Stops Abortion Protest By Yelling 'YEAST INFECTIONS'

The Debrief: That's one way to deter anti-abortionists

There are a few ways to react when you see an anti-abortion protest outside your local planned parenthood clinic, and 29 year-old Mary Numair chose the path less travelled: she chanted 'YEAST INFECTIONS' until they all got disheartened and left. 

Over in Portland, Oregon, after having received treatment for yeast infections and UTIs throughout her early twenties (due to not having health insurance), Mary saw the anti-aborton protestors and felt totally riled. 'Planned parenthood is a vital resource for so many people,' she told Buzzfeed News, explaining her reasons behind making a sign that read 'Dear P.P. Thanks for helping with my yeast infections!', standing outside the clinic and chanting 'Yeast infections!' while doing high kicks.

Reactions were mixed - on Twitter, people have fallen in love with her. During the protest, a woman broke away and shook her head at Mary, who responded by saying: 'OMG do you have a yeast infection? I know who can help you!' 

Go Mary. On behalf of every woman in America who gets thrush and can't afford to pay an extortionate amount of money to get it cured. 

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