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Woman Gets Trapped On Group Tinder Date On Boat. Organises Mutiny Over Facebook Live

Woman Gets Trapped On Group Tinder Date On Boat. Organises Mutiny Over Facebook Live

The Debrief: After meeting a guy on Tinder, Kayla arrived for her date with him only to find out he'd invited a whole bunch of other women too. Who she was now trapped at sea with.

Imagine this: you meet a nice boy on Tinder and you guys flirt for a couple of months. He finally asks you on a date and when you get there, it transpires that he's invited five other women as well. As have his mates.

The 'date' takes place on a boat, 300 feet off shore. There is no escape.

This nightmare scenario happened to a woman called Kayla last weekend. Kayla, from Chicago, matched with a guy called Emad a while back but, when she showed up to meet him, it turned out his idea of 'dating' was less 'two people go for a nice romantic dinner' and more 'Emad and pals trap 20 women on a boat and drive them around Lake Michigan for five hours'*.

*FYI Lake Michigan is not a small lake. Lake Michigan is 307 miles long. Kayla was essentially trapped at sea.

kayla nightmare tinder date boat

'When I got there I could tell something was up because he was kind of standoffish, which seemed weird considering he'd been trying to get a date with me for six months and had sent five texts that morning confirming I was going to be there,' She said to The Daily Dot. 'However, I thought he was just shy so I went on the boat. There were about 20 women and 5 men on the boat, so I ended up talking to some 21-year-olds. I asked how they knew the guys and they said they'd met Emad on Tinder and this was the first time they'd gotten together.'

Sadly, Kayla has never learned to swim so tackling the 300 or so feet back to land was not something she was prepared to risk. And so she and the other disgruntled girls began to organise a mutiny via Facebook live.

'This is Emad,' She says in the first video, focussing the camera on a man flirting with a bikini clad girl. 'He invited me on this fucking boat but now he is with another girl that he also invited. Oh great they’re making out. And I’m stuck on a boat because I can’t swim. I don’t know how to swim but no boats are near us. It’s darkness. It’s darkness all around us. I don’t know any of these people. I’m on Lake Michigan. Please come and save me.'

She tried offering a passing boat $100 - all that she had in a her wallet - to take her home. They refused.

Eventually, Kayla and some of the other girls resigned themselves to their fate and camped out at the back of the boat to eat Doritos. When she confronted Emad he said 'Don't be uncomfortable, it's not awkward.'

So she threw his shoes overboard.

emad shoes kayla

Kayla also posted Emad's Instagram online. The comments on Emad's pictures then started filling up with concerned well wishers asking 'Where's Kayla?' Emad reportedly responded calling Kayla a 'psycho'. He has now deleted most of these comments.

'I think he called me "psycho" because he expects women to just be quiet and polite in these type of situations. He was visibly uncomfortable when I asked why he would invite a bunch of girls and give up all the impression we were going to be his date. Only someone who was entirely not self-aware would think inviting 15 women from Tinder on a boat wouldn't make them uncomfortable. So calling me psycho is easier to say than "I made a bad decision.'"

Eventually, a girl managed to call the captain of her ex-boyfriend's yacht (sure) and he cruised on over to rescue them. 'I'm going home guys!' Kayla shouted jubilantly from her final Facebook Live. 'I'm going home!'

Supposedly, Emad did get a dressing down from a fellow escapee who went back to collect her stuff. Apparently all his friends hi-fived her. One of Emad's friends  texted Kayla saying 'He screwed up anyway bc you were the prettiest girl. Not that that matters. But still.'


TBH, at this point, I'd suggest Kayla give Emad and his friends a wide berth.

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