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People Are Freaking Out That Our Phones Can Now Make Folders Of Us In Our Bras

Why Are Our iPhones Now Making Folders Of All Our Bra Photos?

The Debrief: Apple has now identified all the pictures of you wearing a bra, and put them neatly away in one folder...

Every year, it feelslike our smartphones are becoming more and more necessary to our very existence. Whether it’s for work or your personal life, it has basically become an extension of our body. It’s the last thing we look at when we go to sleep, the first thing that we see in the morning (quite literally, as we are banging it against a wall in the dark to turn it off) and everything in between. Nothing can happen without us needing it. We are all dependant. 

And technology is advancing  apace with our growing addiction - we see this every time we click remind me later on our iPhones for the latest update.

But with iOS 10 and 11, the photo app can analyse all our pictures, which is handy because we now have photos of our pets all in one place and separate folders for individual people etc. But one thing that has recently appeared is that iPhones can analyse much more than that. Oh yes, that’s right, they can now identify when you are apparently wearing a bra.

Creepy, right? I think I can hear every woman’s whispered what the actual fuck as I write this. 

Upon reading hearing this, I then went to check myself on my phone whether there was any truth behind this. And unfortunately, there is. Although not all of them revealing pictures of myself or celebrities in ‘bras’, some had been mistaken – in that search there were a few of me or friends in tops. I am apparently not the only one that has had this mistaken selection; writers in Quartz also explained that they had a similar situation of mixed photos.

Now the good side to this is that these photos haven’t actually been selected by Apple staff (I cringe at anyone who did – the amount of weird crap they would have to sift through) but instead selected electronically with a certain algorithm. Bad side is that Apple aren’t the only ones who have done this – it is said to be the same for Google Photos and ImageNet. 

And on a final note, because the feminist side of me couldn’t resist, there is no equivalent for men. You can successfully search for bras, bandeaus, brassieres, corsets and girdles, but no boxers or briefs. It seems Apple have a particularity with women’s underwear and not men’s…

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