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What Is The Condom Challenge? And How Do You Do It?

What Is The Condom Challenge? And How Do You Do It?

The Debrief: To work out how to do it properly, our staff writer threw condoms at our deputy editor...

A lot of people have started filling condoms with water and dropping it on their friends’ heads. Just thought I’d come out with that immediately, so we can now delve into the reasons behind this happening and really get to the bottom of what the hell is going on. 

Who started the condom challenge?

In student halls, bathrooms and flats across the world, pictures captioned with the hash tag #condomchallenge are springing up and trending on all forms of social media. It all pretty much began with these guys, who posted a video that remained at the top of Reddit for a whole day (unheard of, considering how much stuff is on Reddit):

Why are people doing the condom challenge? 

Unlike the ice bucket challenge, which urged those taking part to donate to help sufferers of ALS disease, this hasn’t got any ulterior motive other than good clean fun. It also takes a fair bit of skill to ensure that a) the condom lands firmly on the head of the receiver (sort of like when you’re putting it on a wang, amiright?) and b) you don’t burst the condom while filling it with water. Or when slamming it down. Because overfilling leads to this:

How do you do the condom challenge? 

So how do you do it properly? There’s only really one way to find out, and that’s to fill a balloon with water and throw it at our deputy editor Jess Commons. Using the work shower and a towel, we gave it a go. Without having worked out if you’re supposed to do up the condom up or not (you don’t, and we did). 

For your viewing pleasure, here is me bouncing a water-filled condom off Jess Commons while it explodes all over my arse. Probably the worst #condomchallenge ever. 

How to actually do the condom challenge:

1. Get an unused (this is very important) condom. 

2. Fill it up with as much water as possible without it bursting - this will probably take a bit of trial and error.

3. This is very important: don't tie it up! We got it completely wrong and did tie it up, hence the bouncing off and exploding.

4. Drop it on the willing participants head. 

5. Laugh whilst they look like they're trapped in a very soft fish bowl.

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