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What Colour Are These Trainers?

What Colour Are These Trainers? It’s The Dress Debate All Over Again

The Debrief: There’s nothing like an optical illusion to get us all talking

Remember that time when a picture of a striped dress was going around on social media and everyone was debating what colour it really was - white and gold or blue and black? 

Well, get ready for part two of that debate, a picture of a trainer has people arguing over whether it’s aqua and grey, or pink and white.  


When Facebook user Nicole Coulthard’s friend got a compliment from her mum on her new blue shoes, she sent a picture of them to Nicole asking what colour she saw, prompting Nicole to share it on closed Facebook support group Girlsmouth

“She sent it to me and I was convinced they are pink,’ Nicole told the Metro. ‘We had a big argument as she said I only said pink because I knew she had bought pink shoes so that’s why I decided to put it up on Girlsmouth.'



The debate then escalated in the group with thousands of people commenting, and opinions were split over what colour the trainers really are. 


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Nicole has since revealed that the trainers are in fact pink and white - so why do some people see them as aqua and grey?  

When the dress debate was at it’s height in 2015, a twitter user Andy Rexford offered an explanation to why people were seeing different colours, apparently it has something to do with rods and cones. 



The explanation suggests that those who see the dress as blue and black are more sensitive to light and have better eyesight that those who see the dress as white and gold... *runs to specsavers* 


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