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We Spend Twice As Much Time Watching Netflix Than We Do Hanging Out With Friends

We Spend Twice As Much Time Watching Netflix Than We Do Hanging Out With Friends

The Debrief: Is it time to cancel our Netflix memberships. Maybe. Definitely

This weekend I would say around 75% of my time was spent watching Netflix. Specifically watching old Louis Theroux documentaries, because well Louis. Don’t get me wrong, I saw some friends, I hung out with my boyfriend (who was sat next to me on the sofa), but the majority of my time was spent shamelessly watching Netflix, and it turns out I probably wasn’t alone in my quest to watch the hell out of it. 

A new study conducted by shows that the average subscriber spends more time binge-watching shows than hanging out with their friends, reading and exercising combined. So basically we all spend twice as much time hanging out with Netflix, than we do hanging out with our friends. It feels like a shocker on paper, but in reality it’s really, depressingly true and we’re all (myself included) guilty of it. 

The data shows that the average subscriber watches 1 hour and 40 minutes a day. That sounds about right, considering that’s like a show and a half of Suits, or like five episodes straight of Kimmy Schmit – both of which are easily doable after a tough day at work when all you want to do is phase out in a Netflix coma. It only gets shocking when you compare the data to other activities. Netflix literally knocks them out of the park and my god we are all really lazy and unsociable. This data was conducted in America, but I’m pretty sure the results would be similar if it was done here. I might have to have a little Netflix break to go see some friends while reading a book and riding a bike. Exercise, reading and socialising combined = the new way forward. Au revior Netflix, for now anyway. 

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