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We Salute This Man And His Office Tampons

The Debrief: A story of festive cheer featuring a kind gentleman and some maxi pads

In heartwarming news of the day, ferriswheel9ndam9 has won our hearts by being a terribly clueless but utterly charming boss by buying the ladies in his office tampons and pads. Wait, this is less weird than it sounds...

Yesterday ferriswheel9ndam9 took to TwoXChromosome (that's the subreddit dedicated to all things women BTW) to ask the female Redditors whether or not as an office manager, he should buy feminine products for his mainly female office.

'I'm office manager of a small office and today one of the girls I work with had an "urgent moment" where she needed to run to the pharmacy to get something. I remember reading somewhere about Google placing feminine hygiene products in their bathrooms (and it seemed to be pretty well received) but our bathroom is a single unisex bathroom so I don't know if it would be appropriate. 

Another girl told me that she/they/the girls would be appreciative if I did this; What's a good brand and where should I put it? Also would it be awkward for me to buy it or should I ask them to do it?

Thanks reddit!'

The women of Reddit responded in droves with tips and thanks for the manager who, for all his good intentions, does seem to have a slightly alarming lack of knowledge of the feminine hygiene market, and today he posted again to thank people for their help and uploaded evidence of what he'd bought.

'Following advice from you guys, I went out and got some stuff. Our office doesn't have a medicine cabinet thing and the closet is pretty much for paper/cleaning liquid/stuff so I decided to put it on top of the toilet water tank.'


Even though he's not sure how long such things last, he's dead chuffed with the price, and you know what? He had a go, and that's what matters. Thank you Mr. Tampon boss for being a total dude.

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