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We Really Want This Bracelet That Shocks You For Overspending

We Really Want This Bracelet That Shocks You For Overspending

The Debrief: ZAP! You've spent too much money

Forget the iWatch and the Fit Bit, we want this awesome bracelet that shocks you when you overspend.

The clever developers at Pavlok have created this device set to shock and alert you when you spend too much money. Like where do I sign up right? The black and yellow wristband acts as a deterrent from spending a little too much and was originally aimed at nail-biters, unhealthy eaters and chain smokers to alter their bad habits. 

Since then, Pavlok have expanded usage of the bracelet and is targeting shopaholics in the hopes that the device will modify spending behaviours. Seriously though, where do I sign up? Admittedly I’m guilty of overspending and never looking in my account for fear of the three hollow zeros, so I think many of us twenty-somethings would greatly benefit from something like this. You know… if you’re like me.

The wrist band was created by Maneesh Sethi who previously hired a woman to slap him every time he went onto Facebook at work, now that’s preventative. Don’t be alarmed though, the shock is only 255-volts and is sort of like the shock you got when you unravelled batteries for fun as a kid, or so I imagine. You'll only be zapped however if your account drops below a certain limit, you won't just be randomly attacked by your wrist gear.

The Pavlok device connects directly to your bank account, so when you’re out splashing the cash at your favourite bar in Shoreditch, this uber cool wrist band will shock you into oblivion for getting the first, second and third round in. As someone who knows the bartenders on a first and surname name basis I desperately need this wake up call.

So, I hear you ask, what does a gal with a terrible spending habit have to do to get their hands on this fashion-forward-money-saving bracelet? Well, you only need to fork out £120 to purchase one of these bad boys. Although of course that does require more spending, where’s that shock when you need one aye?

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