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We Join The #UglyGirlsClub - A Society Of Feminists Called 'Ugly' Who Responded In The Best Way Ever

The Debrief: Royal Holloway Feminist Society are doing #uglygirlclub selfies so we joined in. NOW IT’S YOUR TURN

When the Royal Holloway Feminist Society got branded ‘the ugly girls club’ while running a stall at their students’ union, the girls in the organisation responded by putting up photos on social media of them pulling gross faces with the hashtag #uglygirlsclub. To say it’s done well would be an understatement – the movement has caught the attention of nationwide media, with feminists all over the UK joining the club and showing solidarity, and Exeter Uni has even started their own branch. 

‘We sort of started laughing about it,’ Natasha, an English Literature student at the university told The Huffington Post. ‘And then we started sending each other very tongue in cheek selfies with the hashtag #uglygirlsclub. Some old members of RHUL Feminist Society joined in as well as current members and it started to grow. We thought let’s make it a little campaign as although the selfies are ironic, the message is incredibly important.’

It’s the message that a) it’s not cool to judge people on whether they're hot or not; and b) this whole ‘feminists are ugly’ thing is getting really old, and really boring. ‘Our aim is to make a stand against people being judged on appearance rather than their achievements and strong traits,’ she continued. ‘We also wish to make a point against conventional beauty standards and help people find confidence by coming together in solidarity against these very relevant issues.’

Consider us sold. If you haven’t already, tweet your #uglygirlsclub selfies and join the ugly girl revolution.

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