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Google Have Created A New Carpool App To Rival Uber

Google Have Created A New Carpool App To Rival Uber

The Debrief: Need a ride to work? Google’s got you covered… soon

Google are awesome, they are the fonts of all knowledge online, help to search our symptoms when we fear we may be dying and now, they’re creating a car-pool app. Google, is there anything you can’t do?

Potentially rivalling Uber and Lyft in the near future, Google’s sat nav app ‘Waze’ has created a new extended car pool service. The difference however with the Waze version is that instead of cab drivers, the car rides will be given by regular drivers signed up to the app. Yes, it’s an actual carpool. Just think, one day you could be sat alongside Steve the plumber and all of his tools, the next with Kate and her three children, ah variety. Poolers hopping into commuter cars will only be required to pay a small fee toward the cost of fuel and it’s said to have minimal stop-offs, unlike its sister app 'Uber'. I mean providing there’s no traffic, it seems like a pretty sweet deal.

Waze Rider promises to cut down commuter costs, lessening car traffic on the roads and is banking on friendly commuters opening up their cars to strangers. The idea of Waze Rider is to help cut costs for frequent drivers, supporting greener commute putting less cars on the road and of course providing those without a car, a guaranteed ride to work. Their tag line reads: ‘One driver, one rider, one less car on the road Waze Rider is an easy way for everyone’, which is pretty self-explanatory.

Originally tested in Tel Aviv, the app received a successful run, has just rolled out in San Francisco with hopes of the app features stretching to the UK. Although as a Londoner I'm not certain I'll ever drive to work but hey, it's still a brilliant idea.

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