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University Student Misses Baths So Much She Makes Her Own From Amazon Storage Box

University Student Misses Baths So Much She Makes Her Own From Amazon Storage Box

The Debrief: Who says students can't think out the box/tub...

University was all about compromise. Sure, I couldn’t afford anything from Cos, however I did spend my days fashioning fancy dress costumes from toilet roll tubes and playing-cards. Sure, I was a zillion miles away from home, but at least I didn’t people nagging me to wash up my saucepan (my housemates were super chill). I didn’t have any job security or any sense of where my life was going but I pretty much completed Tinder, Netflix and (eventually) my assignments. 

99% of university go-ers (don't hold me to that statistic) don’t have a bath tub. University halls were so dreary and grim that having a bath tub installed would have been at the bottom end of the list. The top would have been things ‘paint the walls’ and ‘get rid of mould.’   

Showers were not a compromise to a lovely soak in the tub. If I had had a difficult day at the library I dreamt of nothing more than lying in the tub surrounded by magazines, candles and a glass of Tesco’s finest Pinot. In fact, a chance to chill the fuck out in warm soapy water is probably on the lower level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs.

I distinctively once remember going home to ‘visit my family’, but really thinking, ‘where is the bath, LET ME IN IT NOW.’

Well turns out if I had a little more imagination, I could have saved myself £16 of train fares. A student from Birmingham was so fed up of the no-bath sitch, that she made one out of a mahoosive tub. 

So simple, yet so genius. 

Lucy Lyth, who studys philosophy, bought a 145-litre tub from Amazon to have a bath whenever she fancies. 

 ‘I have one most nights with candles around the edge and mixing up a range of bath products to overcome those stressful days’ Lucy told the Tab, ‘I love baths so much, it’s literally awful not having one.’ 

The bath does come with a few minor problems such as limited room to manoeuvre and lack of drainage, but it is definitely worth it if you are displaying bath-withdrawal symptoms. 

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