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Tweeting In The AM On Your Phone Turns You Into A Dick

Tweeting In The AM On Your Phone Turns You Into A Dick

The Debrief: New study finds link between smartphone tweets, and being a prick

Woke up and started tweeting from your phone? A new study says this actually alters your personality and turns you into a bit more of a dick than if you’d have waited and done it from a laptop or something later. Or just not done it. (Yeah, right). 

A new study published by the Journal of Communication found that tweets sent from smartphones are 25% more negative than those sent from computers.

“Have they had a bad sandwich? Have they been stuck in bad traffic? They want to talk about it,” says study author Dhiraj Murthy. He added that, also, smartphone tweets were way more egotistical too, with words like ‘my’, ‘me’, ‘mine’ and ‘self’ being used way more. 

Interestingly, the team found that tweets are the most egocentric right after work – but on Sunday morning, people seem to be the least self-centred. In terms of negativity, we are unsurprisingly at our most negative in the early morning and late evening. 

Thing is, negativity breeds negativity, so the more we tweet about the shit stuff, the more it will inevitably bring us down and turn us into self-centred pricks. And not just us, everyone around us because you’ll be popping up on their feed spouting sadness and bring down their mornings as well. 

So let’s think about our fellow humans and start spreading a little bit of optimism and positivity, please. 

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