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Turns Out We Don’t Drink As Much Tea As You Think We Do

Turns Out We Don’t Drink As Much Tea As You Think We Do

The Debrief: I’m sorry WHO outdrinks us?!

Are you currently sipping on your second cuppa of the day? Warmed by its healing power and the ‘it’ll be okay you’ve got this’ quality? Me too.

I’ve long questioned if other countries drank tea to the extent we Britons do, I mean let’s be honest when you think of tea you picture the Queen, a tiny gold-rimmed tea cup and her pinky poking out. But it turns out that Britons don’t actually drink as much tea as we first thought. Hang on I just need a moment to digest this and to you know, sip my tea.

If like myself you give scolding looks to anyone who utters the words ‘I don’t like tea’, this study will probably hit you hard. The indy100 released this chart revealing which countries drink the most tea and coffee in the world, and I hate to break it to you all but we rank 15th on the tea front. Unfortunately, the numbers don’t lie and I imagine it’s due to our fast paced lifestyles, but according to statistics 21.6% of us drink coffee and a disappointing 78.4% us drink tea. Okay, so the numbers aren’t that alarming, but 15th?! Come on guys, do better. 

It looks like coffee is seemingly far more ‘social’ amongst Londoners and individuals are more likely to say ‘let’s grab a coffee’ than ‘let’s grab a tea’. Although I rarely drink coffee and would gladly choose a jasmine green tea, over a flat white. In fact, I’ve purposely made myself a third cuppa in the hopes of getting us up in the rankings. 

Intrigued to know who ranked first? Well I can reveal that it is Uzbekistan, winning with a whopping 99.6% of tea drinkers. Kenya followed closely behind with 99.2% in at number 2, but that’s totally understandable what with Kenya being the owners and home growers of delicious tea farms. Finally, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, China, Egypt, Morocco, Kazakhstan, Nigeria and India all ranked in the top 10 tea consumers.

Turns Out We Don’t Drink As Much Tea As You Think We Do

During my time at University, hungry, cold and desperately waiting for the next student loan to drop, one thing I could always count on was a warm cup of tea. Surprisingly it was the one grocery that never ran out in my flat, so you can imagine how much I’m struggling to come to terms with the science.

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