Alyss Bowen | Social Media Editor | Friday, 11 March 2016

Turns Out This iPhone Hack Doesn\'t Actually Save Your Phone Battery After All

Turns Out This iPhone Hack Doesn't Actually Save Your Phone Battery After All

The Debrief: We've been living a lie...

Not only is it really fun swiping away all those pesky apps most of us have open on our iPhones, but up until today everyone thought it saves battery life too. THINK AGAIN. 

Apple’s iOS chief Craig Federighi has put an end to the myth that is closing iPhone apps will salvage your forever dying phone battery. Like seriously, it’s not real. It never has been real, we’ve probably been wasting more time, energy and battery by swiping them upwards. 

Apparently Federighi was sent an email asking if he regularly quits his apps to increase his battery life. His reply: 'No and no.' A man of very few words, but at least we’ve got this one Apple ‘hack’ straight. It doesn’t work, and we will only be swiping away our thousand open apps for fun these days. 

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