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Turns Out Loads Of You Are Checking Your Phone During Sex

Turns Out Loads Of You Are Checking Your Phone During Sex

The Debrief: Has your lover ever checked his/her phone during sex? Yeah, sorry bro

Society’s increasing lack of social interaction now stretches to the bedroom, as a new study reveals that one in 10 people use their smartphone during sex – oh the horror!

Thank you digital age! First you graced us with the internet and then gave us our beloved smartphones. In this recent study carried out by researchers at the University of British Columbia, 1 in 10 people admitted to checking their mobile during intercourse. Like, actually during. Great, as if focus wasn’t the key element in sex. Sure it must be slightly disarming for the other party involved to hear, 'hang on babe, I just need to check if anyone has liked my photo on Instagram'. 

Researchers carried out a two-week experiment on 221 students, which played on focus and attentiveness with the use of smartphones. During the first week, students were requested to put their phones on loud or vibrate, while keeping their phones within reach. On the second week, students of the study were requested to minimise all phone interruptions by turning alerts off and keeping their mobiles at a distance. At the end of each week students were asked to fill out questionnaires measuring their inattention. The overall results of the experiment caused higher symptoms of ‘inattention and hyperactivity’ – which basically means that the mass population haven’t a clue how to function because of their smartphones. Oops.

As a victim of the smartphone era, the results are daunting. I mean just think, you never know if you’re next coital appointment will be cut short by a Twitter notification. Researchers were also able to determine that the general population, well, those of us with smartphones are said to be developing ‘ADHD-like’ symptoms. In short, users may have experienced - hang on, just stopped to check my phone – distractions, fidgeting, an inability to focus and a likelihood of getting bored easily.

But don’t be alarmed, lead researcher Kostadin Kushley, says that you can reduce the effects of ADHD-like symptoms by simply turning off your phone, which um, is a lot easier said than done. Perhaps leave your phone at home for a day, and try not to die of a ghastly panic attack. 

Among the horrific thought of ‘coitus interruptus’, the study also reveals that as many as 95 percent of smartphone users blissfully use their mobile devices among social circles and a whopping 7 in 10 people use their phones whilst at work, naughty.

So there you have it, smartphones are reportedly ruining our lives… and our sex lives. For the love of god turn off your mobile!

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