Sophie Wilkinson | Contributing Editor | Monday, 9 May 2016

Tottenham Win The FA Premier League! Well, The Women Did

Tottenham Win The FA Premier League! Well, The Women Did

The Debrief: Leicester may have been the underdog winners of the men’s league, but Spurs’ women’s team took the title, too!

Tottenham finished second in the FA Premier League behind Leicester City (the underdogs who rose from 5000/1 odds to actually coming out on top of the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City and the rest…). But just like football is a game of two halves, so is the FA Premier League. And in the women’s FA Premier League, Tottenham won!

The women’s team might not get the exact same reception as Leicester, who were congratulated by both David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn in the House of Commons, had a street party near their grounds and one of those open-top bus tours around Leicester to celebrate their win. But here’s hoping all those Spurs fans who feel a little glum about the men’s near miss could take some solace - and pride - in their female players’ success!

Photo: Courtesy of Spurs Ladies Facebook page

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