Alyss Bowen | Social Media Editor | Tuesday, 15 March 2016

This Woman Did Face Swap With A Boob, And It Worked

This Woman Did Face Swap With A Boob, And It Worked

The Debrief: Disclaimer: do not try at work or in public

Everyone’s pretty clued up on Face Swap right now, so clued up that it’s basically all you see as you scroll through your Facebook news feed. It’s a thing, okay (we’re also guilty of being one of those people filling up news feeds) and people are going C.R.A.Z.Y for it. 

We’d all got the hang of it, swapped our faces with magazine covers, boyfriends, £20 notes – you know, been really inventive and had a right old laugh. Then these two women came along and won the Face swap game indefinitely. By swapping a face with, well, a boob. 

So that happened, they had a right old giggle and then the video went viral. We’re predicting this is a new 2016 trend. Like the ice bucket challenge but with more nudity.

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