Alyss Bowen | Social Media Editor | Wednesday, 17 February 2016

This Whatsapp Hack Shows You Who Your Whatsapp Best Pal Is

This Whatsapp Hack Shows You Who Your Whatsapp Best Pal Is

The Debrief: Because we always need another way to see just how much time we spend glued to our phones

Yes, you heard right – there's a way you can view who your Whatsapp BFF is. Any opportunity to see how many messages you send to your contacts list and we’ll take it. I’ve had my new phone for about three weeks and have already sent a disgusting 2,975 messages to my boyfriend – we’re long distance okay, don’t judge. 

Back to the hack, here’s the low-down. Go onto your Whatsapp settings and then...


(I'm fully aware I have some weird names and emoji uses in my phone, but that's life.) 

It's that easy! Then bask in the perhaps shocking number of messages you’ve sent to your group chats, boyfriends, girlfriends, mum, aunty, gran, your ex boyfriend’s, ex girlfriend (the one after you) who you bonded with over how he cheats and doesn’t ever text back. You get the picture. Whatsapp hack, we like you and love seeing who our best phone friend is, but you kinda make us feel a bit sick, that’s all. 

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