Sophie Wilkinson | Contributing Editor | Tuesday, 27 January 2015

This Video Of Men Catcalling Their Mums Makes An Important Point

The Debrief: A new ‘social experiment’ shows what happen when men catcall their disguised mothers and get called out on it...

Another year, another swathe of social experiments uploaded to YouTube to shock viewers into either questioning their own behaviour or the very existence of said social experiment. The latest is from Peru, and made by Everlast, a company better known for making boxing gloves.

As you can see, this is a pretty high-budget production, making us think some of it might have been set up. But as well as the vindication of seeing the men getting a dressing down from their mothers – ‘Aren’t you ashamed?’ one yells at her foul-mouthed son – the video does make a big song and dance of one single point that some catcallers could do well to remember.

The video does make clumsy point: ‘If you harass women, don’t wait for us to get you to harass your own mother to start respecting them.’

But what we get from the clip is that, for some guys (and some girls) out there, it’s not enough to realise that catcalling is off-key because, you know, people are humans and, no, they are not just public sexual property.

For these people, the only way of getting them to realise that catcalling is not on, is to realise that the people they catcall could be their relatives, their friends or lovers. If this video pulls no punches in getting its message to those idiots? Then we’re all for it. Plus, it’s kind of funny.

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