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This Story Will Make You Want To Clean Your Make-Up Brushes Right Now

This Story Will Make You Want To Clean Your Make-Up Brushes Right Now

The Debrief: If you think the worst thing that can happen when you don't clean your brush is a stye, then you're very, very wrong.

When was the last time you cleaned your make-up brush? Probably go sort that shit out now, because a story just broke about a woman who is now in a wheelchair - potentially for the rest of her life - after getting an infection from a friend's make-up brush. She used it to cover a spot. She is now in a wheelchair. Clean your make-up brush. 

‘I was in incredible pain and nothing would work. I honestly thought I was going to die – the pain was worse than childbirth,' Jo Gilchrist, 27, told MailOnline. After using the infected brush, Jo got a staph infection that spread through her body before eventually attacking her spine. First, she just thought it was bad posture, but then the pain kept getting worse until she was airlifted to Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, Australia. ‘My friend did have a staph infection on her face and I was using her brush just before,’ she added. 'I had no idea that could even happen. I used to share with my friends all the time. My best friend feels horrible, but it’s not her fault at all.’

Doctors have told her that she may never walk again, and won't ever be able to regain control over her bladder or bowel - the numbness is also something that might spread up her arms, and into her chest, which will mean she'll have to be put into a coma and learn to breathe again. Absolutely terrifying, and a stark reminder to (if we hadn't said it already) go and clean your make-up brushes. 

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