Lauren Smith | Contributing Writer | Tuesday, 15 December 2015

This Smartphone Has A Battery That Lasts 15 Hours

This Smartphone Has A Battery That Lasts 15 Days

The Debrief: Dreams can come true

The biggest thing about having a smartphone that grinds my gears, aside from the 'tech neck', RSI and complete lack of attention span constant usage has given me, is shit battery life.

I have missed the chance of capturing so many moments, or been stranded with nothing to idly look at because my phone decided to die when the battery percentage CLEARLY READ 29% left. First world problems, I know, but screw you iPhones. Screw you and your weird turtle-shaped phone cases promising to give us extended battery life, that cost £90 for the privilege. 

What Apple should do is take a leaf out this smartphone manufacturer, and make a phone that can run for more than two weeks without being charged. 

The Oukitel K10000's battery is 10 times the size of the iPhone 6's, and can run for 10-15 days with 'normal' usage. Apparently, you can also use the remaining juice to charge other devices.

While some tech reporters are sceptical of the claims (it's a huge difference compared to other smartphones on the market), and suggest that six days are more likely, it doesn't sound like the phone itself is that heavy or clunky despite the super-powered battery, weighing in at 184 grams. Apparently the camera is 8 megapixels (similar to the iPhone 6) - but other smartphones on the market have a much better camera. 

Costing £157.80, the phone doesn't seem that pricey, either - but we'll wait until the reviews are in before being completely taken in. 

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