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This Shit Model Management Instagram Is Our New Favourite Thing

This Shit Model Management Instagram Is Our New Favourite Thing

The Debrief: For obvious reasons

Two weeks ago, two models created a new Instagram account called Shit Model Management, that has filled us with so much joy we want to stalk it day in day out. The models behind the project are currently keeping very hush hush about their identity, but the account is a hilarious take on what it’s really like to be a model in 2016. The bio reads: ‘We all want to quit. Two models exposing the truth.’ 

So it’s less Gigi Hadid swanning around in Naples with Zayn on a scooter, more ‘I hate the industry.’ Because really, REALLY what model has a life like Gigi, Bella, Kendall and all the other famous-first-turned-model girls? Clearly we’re just jealous but whatever, Shit Models Management is our new favourite account for obvious reasons, so here’s our faves to get you through Tuesday.  

Feeling myself, feeling myself  

Yep, been there done that


Just lolllll 



omgomgomgomg SWEET POTATO FRIES¡!!!!!!!!¡ *group of models scream*

A photo posted by Shit Model Management (@shitmodelmgmt) on Apr 12, 2016 at 11:21pm PDT

Wait what sweet potato fries aren't healthy...

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