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This Puppy Or Bagel Meme Is Confusing The Internet, And Us

This Puppy Or Bagel Meme Is Confusing The Internet, And Us

The Debrief: Is it a puppy or a bagel?! We don't have a clue

So we have a new favourite Twitter account, everyone. Twitter user Karen Zach, aka @teenybiscuit, gave the world the meme it’s been missing on March 7th. 'Puppy or bagel' consists of images of puppies, and bagels curled up in perfect little bagel shapes with holes in the middle. Which is which?

We’re not sure, that second one on the left top row looks suspiciously like a bagel but it could also be a cute sleeping puppy – who knows. 

Not one to leave things hanging, Karen went on to post more brilliant memes that are giving us serious life right now. 

Behold ‘sheepdog or mop.’ This one is WAAAY more confusing because that running ‘dog’ could really be a mop but it has eyes, a nose and a mouth. And what if the ‘mop’ on the bottom left is really a dog but it’s eyes are hidden? The plot thickens. 

‘Chihuahua or muffin’ is equally, if not more, mind boggling. Who’d have thought that muffins with chocolate chips could look so much like teeny tiny dogs. Our head hurts from looking. 

Everyone must have missed this sneaky ‘labradoodle or fried chicken’ meme that Karen tweeted on March 2nd. Seriously though, that fried chicken looks so so good and it’s almost lunch time so we’re worried if we’re looking at a picture of a labradoodle not chicken and dreaming about eating it. 

Please keep the tweets coming Karen Zach, we need more dog/food memes in our lives. 

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