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This Pregnant Woman Just Summed Up Why Pro-Choice Beats Anti-Abortion

The Debrief: The worker, presumed to be from charity Kids Company, took an opportunity to tell members of About 67 a briliant piece of her mind...

Sunny Hundal, a journalist, was filming some anti-abortion protesters outside a family planning clinic in Blackfriars, central London. While interviewing them (they're from a group called Abort 67) and asking them why they were wearing body cameras, seemingly filming women as they go for consultations or treatment (something which, by law, must be confidential), this woman stepped in.

Check out her argument for abortion:

It seems all the more powerful because a) she's pregnant, kind of putting paid to the fact that pro-choicers aren't anti-children (well, duh, but some people need this explained to them)  b) she addresses practically every corner of the debate about abortion, even addressing the protester who's previously had an abortion and regrets it and c) she suggests some solutions, most notably nodding to the charity she works for - Kids Company, which has been recieving donations ever since this video was released.

Kids Company told The Debrief: ‘We want to thank everyone who has donated since the video went viral. We really appreciate the added support, particularly at such a challenging time of year.'

This video comes a week after 19 charities joined together to request that the government introduce 'buffer zones' around family planning clinics to stop protesters from harassing and intimidating women seeking advice and treatment or workers at the clinics. The government's response? the Home Office had this to say:

'Peaceful protest is a vital part of a democratic society, provided it is conducted within the law. But protesters’ rights need to be balanced with the rights of others to go about their business without fear of intimidation or serious disruption to the community.'

'Rights to peaceful protest do not extend to threatening behaviour and the police have powers to deal with any such acts.’

But maybe they'll have to re-think that. After all, not everyone has the time nor patience of this brilliant woman.

To donate to Kids Company's Christmas fund, please visit their Crowdfunder page

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