Charlotte Hudson | Contributing Writer | Tuesday, 10 January 2017

This Picture Of A Woman With Three Legs Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

This Picture Of A Woman With Three Legs Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

The Debrief: Because the Internet loves weird stuff

A photo of a young girl posted to photo-sharing site Imgur has been doing the rounds on the internet and is leaving people seriously confused.

The image, posted by user AMassiveTRexHoldingaBaby, shows a girl kneeling on a blanket, with what appears to be three legs. 

The photo has racked up thousands of views and confused comments, with one user admitting  ‘after several very confusing minutes I still don’t know what is happening here.’  

So, is this the product of clever Photoshop trickery or is this really photograph of a woman with an extra limb? 

The answer is neither. The image is in fact nothing more than an optical illusion – with a very simple explanation. Can you work it out?

Look closely and you will see that the third leg is in fact a brown vase the woman is holding. 

Frustrated viewers were relieved to finally make sense of the mind-bending illusion with one user admitting 'I finally get it. After two years I literally JUST got it.’ 

Seems so obvious now that you know, right? 


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