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This Man Pays £355 A Month To Live In A Box. Yes, A Box.

This Man Pays £355 A Month To Live In A Box. Yes, A Box.

The Debrief: Anyone else considering it if rent goes up anymore?

If you thought renting in London was bad, think again. A man living in San Francisco just took home the prize for most ridiculous (if not brilliant) renting accomdation, for living in a box. A box he built, with power tools and the help of friends. A box that he is currently residing in, nestled in his friends living room for a grand total of $508 a month, which is roughly £355.68. Everyone meet Peter Berkowitz, the ‘bearded, well-manned illustrator,' that lives in a box. Or a 'pod', as he likes to call it. 

Broken down, it works out as $400 a month for rent (presumably the rent of the living room he lives in) and $108 a month over the course of the year for any construction to his box home. Before you judge, this 'home owner' is pretty happy in his tiny home. He calls the pod the cosiest bedroom he’s ever had and built it because, quite simply, San Frans housing prices are insanely high. We had a quick look online and discovered that a small two bed in the Bay Area costs around £2491 a month. That's £1, 245 EACH. Erm, what ever happened to £550 a month because we're all too poor and would rather live in a damp room that shed out more money? Just us...OK then. 

Peter is pretty happy in his pod, he admits it’s much smaller than the average living room but that doesn’t mean he likes it less. It’s a solution that works for him and if we were ever to move overseas, we would probably consider it ourselves. Peter has even sent out requests to all those wanting advice on pod living in his area to contact him. We've put him on speed dial, just in case renting goes up even more this year.

Here's some Pinterest podspiration, if you ever wanted to plan your pod decor. 

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