Lydia O'Malley | Contributing Writer | Friday, 9 December 2016

Here\'s why younger siblings are hilarious

This Is Why Younger Siblings Are Hilarious

The Debrief: But also the least organised...

Being the youngest can be pretty tough. You’re constantly being picked on by your older brother or sister, compared to them by your entire family, they embarrass you infront of their friends and you’re not quite sure why they’re still living at home and eating all your food. 

If the love/hate rivalry between you and your siblings wasn’t bad enough, a study by YouGov has now found that younger siblings are the funniest of the bunch, meaning one more thing to argue about. So if you ever needed a sign to chase after your dream of being a comedian, then this is it. But you might have competition as the study took data from 1,782 adults, 509 being the youngest.

But don’t worry older brothers and sisters, as the research also suggested the youngest to be less organized, so at least you have your shit together. Kind of.

The research suggests that these relationships between first and last born can shape how we consider ourselves, affecting our confidence, humour, motivation and other similar characteristics.

They also found the oldest sibling to be more family-orientated, better at prioritising their own life, more successful and generally more responsible. Whereas the youngest child was more favoured by parents and easy-going.

The full survey is available at YouGov.

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