Lydia O'Malley | Contributing Writer | Thursday, 8 December 2016

This Is Why The Pug Trend Needs To Stop, For Their Sake

This Is Why The Pug Trend Needs To Stop, For Their Sake

The Debrief: A pug is not just for Christmas

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years you’ll know about the fascination Britain has with Bulldogs and Pugs. We can’t quite pin point why these ugly (but oh so adorable) pups have become a trend but we think it might be something to do with the endearing little snuffles and stubby legs. But unfortunately the pug love movement is fuelling a pre-Christmas surge of illegal puppy trafficking, according to the RSPCA.

Concerns have been raised after research conducted by the British Veterinary Association (BVA) suspected half of illegal pet imports to be French bulldogs, 29% pugs, 16% Chihuahuas and other designer cross-breeds. Despite the UK’s regulations governing the trade, requiring all puppies to be over 15 weeks of age and to openly declare imports for commercial purposes.

“I’ve never seen a case related to animal welfare explode in the way we’re seeing right now in the puppy trade” warned an RSPCA special inspector.

Many owners buy an unwell puppy in need of extensive veterinary care or in the worst cases put down because of the poor treatment of the puppers due to lack of health checks and vaccinations. 

Whilst we believe a dog makes the perfect companion these breeds may not be the best choice if you’re unwilling to dedicate a lot of time, effort and money. Respiratory issues, high blood pressure and difficulty walking are among some of the problems suffered by pugs and bulldogs thanks to years of inbreeding. And vets who have been treating these problematic pets believe almost a third have been imported illegally in the past year. Maybe just get a hamster?

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