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This Is How Much An NHS Doctor Really Earns For Being On Call

This Is How Much An NHS Doctor Really Earns For Being On Call

The Debrief: After the initial strike on Tuesday, there are two more planned for the coming month.

On Tuesday, junior doctors took part in a 24-hour walk out to protest the new proposed contract which would see a 11% rise in basic pay, but be offset by a reduction in payments for unsociable hours. On top of this, there’s big concerns over the creation of seven-day services and overworking.

After The Sun ran a piece last weekend about ‘Moet Medics’, accusing junior doctors of living the high life, they took to Twitter to shut down the suggestion that they’re loaded, using the hashtag #smearthedocs with amazing results.

But how much do doctors really get paid for being on call? Last year, NHS doctor Karan Kapoor posted a picture of his payslip on Facebook to show how little his ‘on call’ supplement pay is.

He worked out that he receives £313.54 for being on call every month, which adds approximately 120 hours on to his normal working week. Shockingly, this works out at £2.61 per hour, ‘significantly less than the minimum wage, let alone the living wage’.

Dear Jeremy Hunt MP, I am a newly appointed NHS Consultant and receive £313.54 for my on call supplement per month. My...

Posted by Karan Kapoor on Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The next strike is set to be a 48-hour walk out on Tuesday 26 January, followed by an all-out strike on Wednesday 10 February, during which there will be no emergency care cover provided. 

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