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This Is Exactly Why You Shouldn\\\\\\\'t Hold Your Poo In

This Is Exactly Why You Shouldn't Hold Your Poo In

The Debrief: If you've gotta go, you've gotta go.

Unfortunately for everyone, poo continues to be one of the last remaining taboos. For some reason, we can’t seem to accept that everyone poos and that’s cool. No one cares; you go (Glen Coco) if you need to.

Except so many do care. Especially if you’re at a new partner’s house or you’re on holiday for the first time with a new person and you’d rather pull off your fingernails than admit that you’re dying for a dump.

Making a habit of holding it in though, could actually make you really ill, lead to surgery and possibly even kill you. In a video by DNews, they explain how after three days of not going, you are officially classed as constipated

And experts agree that holding it in when you’ve got to go, is really not a good idea. Konstantin Monastyrsky, the author of Gut Sense, says, ‘Holding in your stool, even once, is dangerous because it allows your stools to stack up on top of one another.’

Do this a lot, and it could lead to an impacted bowel. Plus, all those toxins your body is trying to get rid of are still in your body and you’re essentially poisoning yourself.

This video explains in more detail why if you’ve gotta go, you should just go. And screw the consequences.

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