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This Hack To Save A Seat On The Tube Really Works

This Hack To Save A Seat On The Tube Really Works

The Debrief: And it actually works, apparently

Sitting on the tube is stressful. You’re squished in like sardines and trying to battle your way off so you can get to work on time is near impossible. And don’t even get me started on trying to blag a seat. Travelling in twos is even worse, no way jose are you going to get two seats together so you can chat. Unless you try this hack, which was kindly presented to us by a Reddit user. Thank you kindly, Reddit user. Here's how to do it:

On a side note, I once conducted an experiment on the London underground.

I found that if you place a low denomination (silver - it has to be silver) coin, like a 5p on an empty seat next to you, people won't sit on it as a rule. If it's a copper coin, either people don't notice it or don't mind sitting on it, but if it's shiny, for some reason, people kind of have a mental battle with themselves about wether they should pick it up and be noticed picking it up, or just move to another seat to avoid other commuter attention. That's my own personal theory, but it does work. Try it.

We’re not really sure how you’re meant to get the coin on a seat when someone else is already sitting on it. Maybe you could throw it down the back or pretend to cough then chuck it on their laps in the hope that it slips onto the sea. But this theory is being put to the test on the commute home tonight that’s for sure. 

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